5 Types of Email Subject Lines That Will Increase Your Open Rates

In the online business world the only way to succeed is to increase conversions. Optimizing your business is the only way to survive.

A common myth is that “conversions” simply include the percentage of prospects that become customers. However, it’s far more than that.

There are so many hoops that you must bring your prospects through in order to turn them into a customer. For example, the percentage of visitors who register for your email list, the amount of email subscribers who open your emails, the amount of times subscribers who click on links in your emails, and so on.

The truth is, tracking conversions and optimizing your business funnel is the number one way to increase revenue and profit for your business, because it doesn’t require you to find more visitors and prospects.

In this article, I’ll discuss ten types of email subject lines that you can use to increase your conversions.

Types of Email Subject Lines

1. How to

Example: How to find cheap flight deals

People love to learn new things. It’s in our nature. Teach them something. Use that psychological trick to get people to open your emails.

2. Scarcity

People respond to scarcity. Make it clear that you’re only offering something for a limited time only, and they’ll be all over it. Just be careful not to abuse this otherwise your subscribers won’t trust you. Make sure you are genuinely offering something of limited nature.

Examples: Limited time blowout sale; 50% Off For the Next 24 Hours

3. Curiosity

This one can be combined with other types of email subject lines (and you’ll learn that many of them overlap with each other).

Example: How to find cheap flight deals; 9 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

That subject line appeals to our curiosity. If you don’t open it

4. Question

There are multiple forms of questions you can use in your subject lines that will pull your subscribers in.

Example: 9 Businesses That You Can Start Tomorrow – What’s Stopping You?; What’s your biggest fear?

As I’ve discussed previously, there are some subject lines that overlap with others, such as the first subject line in the example.

Feel free to play around with different forms and combine them to see what gives you most effectiveness. After all, this is not a science, it’s an art.

5. Call to Action

Example: We need your feedback

This one is tricky to pull off, but if you do it properly, it can be one of the most successful subject lines you’ve ever used.

You want to create a perfect balance of demand and appreciation.

The main reason why people respond to this subject line very well is because they love to voice their opinion – and more importantly – have it heard.


Using effective email subject lines can actually transform your business. Regardless of how much of your business relies on email to obtain/sell to clients, increasing open rates will put more eyeballs in front of your offer and ultimately increase revenue.

Email is still one of the largest used methods of communication and isn’t going anywhere. Go ahead and integrate these forms of subject lines into your business and see how they work.

If you see improvements, contact me and write me a feel-good story. I love hearing them!