Should you sell solo ads?

If you have an active email list - regardless of the size - you can sell solo ads. By definition, they are an advertisement which you sell to another entrepreneur in your industry. For an agreed-upon lump-sum of money, you typically dedicate an entire email (provided by the buyer) to his or her purchased advertisement. Sometimes clicks are guaranteed by the seller while at other times they are not (however you can usually predict a ballpark range for the amount of people that will see and click on the advertisement based on your list size and engagement).

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New Feature: List Collection via Excel (CSV) File

We’re very excited about this feature as many have been asking for it!

We’re proud to introduce that you are no longer forced to connect your landing page with an autoresponder.

You now have the option of collecting email addresses and leads into an excel file that you can conveniently download at any time.

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Promotional Video

Our friends at (a company dedicated to helping others find and use efficient software) have made a promotional/explanatory video of how QuickPages works and the simplicity of getting started with it.

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Launching to BetaList and other Startup Directories (Case Study)

This post is a documentation of our experience on BetaList. It features a case study, some tips, and will give you an outlook of what to expect when submitting your startup to BetaList.

Established in 2007, BetaList is arguably the most popular beta directory. It is known for helping new tech startups recruit users, gain initial publicity and traction, and get off the ground.

We submitted our startup to their directory around mid December, and I can assure you, it did not disappoint.

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